ENERGY Model - Here you will be introduced to the components of the ENERGY model. You will learn about Environment, Nimble, Encouragement, Rapport, Growth and Yield. This is a unified model for getting the most from the people you lead, and creating a high performance organization. By applying the concepts and principles in this model can give you the edge you need to be more effective and get better results. Plus learn about Spontaneous Proaction how it impacts performance. Regular price: $899.00

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Organizational Evaluation

Analyze your organization to leverage the excellence that is hiding within your business. When you engage us for this project-based "product" we will discuss your strategy from understanding your vision to ensuring that everyone is aligned with the goals of the company.

Leadership Evaluation

Take a 360 degree leadership evaluation, completely anonymous and on-line. Using a proven leadership inventory tool with over 25 years of evidence-based research you can be assured of receiving valid, predictive feedback. Receive a complete report with graphs easily showing your strengths and areas of improvement.


Introduction to Leadership Training

Learn the essentials of leadership. Understand leadership styles, the latest thinking about leadership, and the qualities of great leaders. Learn how to put your primary style to use in order to maximize results. It is important to understand the basic leadership styles to determine which style you use the most, and understand the potential pitfalls with using just this one approach. This training will help you learn...


Leadership Thinking Training

This training discusses the science of leadership. Topics include; brain science, habits, mindsets, neuroplasticity, and reality. Learn the new language of leadership and the science behind how to effectively lead others using proven scientific techniques. After completing this training, you will have a scientific understanding how the leadership mind works. You will also learn...

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