Introduction to Leadership Training

Learn the essentials of leadership. Understand leadership styles, the latest thinking about leadership, and the qualities of great leaders. Learn how to put your primary style to use in order to maximize results. It is important to understand the basic leadership styles to determine which style you use the most, and understand the potential pitfalls with using just this one approach. This training will help you learn when to coach and when to command. You will learn the best times to use various leadership styles for any given situation. Knowing this will help you to match the style with the situation, maximizing your results!

-Understand the different leadership styles.
-Understand how each leadership style affects performance
-Learn your primary leadership style
-Understand the new thinking about leadership
-Understand the essential qualities of effective leadership

Packed with quizzes, scenarios, and interactive exercises, this training will help you develop and understand the essentials of leadership.

Free - with participation in Boss-Talk Index!