Leadership Thinking Training

This training discusses the science of leadership. Topics include; brain science, habits, mindsets, neuroplasticity, and reality. Learn the new language of leadership and the science behind how to effectively lead others using proven scientific techniques. After completing this training, you will have a scientific understanding how the leadership mind works. You will also learn about how emotions affect your ability to lead effectively and have the skills and techniques to better control your emotions in a crisis situation.

-Understand the relationship between brain science and leadership.
-Understand how the prefrontal cortex and the limbic system relate.
-Understand how emotions affect productivity.
-Be able to explain the Leadership Opportunity Chamber.
-Be able to explain how habits/mindsets/beliefs affect leadership.
-Be able to explain neuroplasticity and why it's important to leadership.
-Understand and explain the Reality Cube.

Time: Approximately 80 minutes